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Who / What / Why is fibrrous?

Thank y'all for joining me here.

I began discovering and practicing hand embroidery in the Spring of 2017. At the time, I was apprenticing on a permaculture farm 40 minutes from the nearest town. My chores usually ended around noon...with an afternoon of rain left over each day... so I used my limited amount of internet access to watch a few videos and read blog tutorials, made a trip to Joann's, and began stitching.

My first piece was inspired by my aunt, who is an artist and master crafter in her own right...just as my grandmother was. My grandmother hand stitched quilts for everyone of her children and grandchildren. All original, hand cut, measured, meticulously hand stitched and infused with love. These women, as well as my mother, have all inspired me to explore the creativity within myself. From the way they can make food with such feeling to the individual stitches in the numerous quilts to the plants and people that thrive under their care.

fibrrous is me. Reaching into and outside of myself. Working to make the colorful ideas and feelings into tangible, three dinensional objects. fibrrous is an observation of the world around me, a means of physical and emotional expression, a therapeutic practice, the way I can most fully express my creative visions.

Thank you so much for joining me here. For seeing and appreciating and supporting my work. It is because of your support I can continue to create, travel, and share the things I love with you.